Do you struggle to train or maintain your training while on a business trip?
I have had to keep myself in shape whilst travelling for the past twenty years. For sure it’s not always been easy but at 44 years old I’m pretty happy that I’ve managed to do enough to consider myself healthy. At times, I’ve had to get quite creative with workouts because I’ve been in hotels that have no gym facilities at all. Kimi’s manager Steve Robertson once said

“I could create a workout from a boot lace but in reality, we have a lot at our disposal.”

The only difference I have is knowledge. They say knowledge is power so my aim in this section is to empower you by giving you knowledge. I have put together a database of over 150 different exercises that you have access to that can be put into 15 minute plus workouts without having to leave your hotel room that involve no or little equipment.

In life we are faced with a multitude of choices. You have the choice to start taking control of your health by adding small changes that improve the way your heart and lungs work to enable you to play with the grand kids, live longer, stay sharper both mentally and physically.

In this section of the website what I would like to do is help you understand that wherever you are travelling you always have an option to do some form of training that will work on improving your overall health, get you moving better, help work off excess weight and give you more energy.


When the word training is mentioned most people create a picture of long torturous hours of boredom on a treadmill in the hotel gym but in reality, the word training is quite general. Starting to lead a healthier lifestyle while travelling could include a multitude of different activities from including a daily walk in a nearby park, using any time off to go hiking or finding out where a nearby swimming pool is and going for a swim before your work day starts.

The idea is to just start doing something that you find enjoyable that you will keep doing or can build on. Are you on a business trip with a colleague that is also trying to work on improving their overall health? It’s much more motivating having someone to “train” with.

I think the general misconception people have is there isn’t enough time to train when on a business trip. People assume it will take an hour plus to do something constructive. Time is the most common excuse I hear for why people don’t train and hey, in some situations there really might not be enough but ask yourself honestly, do you have 15 minutes’ spare at some point during your day to do something in the room?

Training is one part of improving your overall health. The body was designed to move and we don’t move it enough. When we don’t move your bodies, we adapt to lack of movement, we start working in narrower ranges and loose some of the amazing function we were born with.



Try and do something every day. This can be something as simple as a walk somewhere. Or on the other hand could be a challenging workout

Get outside and into the fresh air (if where you are on business has fresh air to get out into) The thought of being stuck on a treadmill in a gym doesn’t appeal to me much either.

I prefer to keep my training short but intense. There a multitude of benefits to this but one of the biggest when it comes to business trael is you don’t need much time

Do things that use the whole body where possible. I’m not a fan at all of machine training. Machines do all the stabilising work for us and most of the time involve sitting down. We do enough sitting down in life already without trying to make it part of our workout.

As an example being on planes a lot I see people all the time having quite a heavy bag on the floor that they need to pick up, rotate their body 180 degrees then lift the bag into the overhead bin. Would it make more sense for that person to include into his workout some rotational exercises maybe with a lunge or and squat or maybe some squat and press work using a combination of upper and lower body working together?

Bodyweight exercises are great and just using your body without any equipment can be extremely challenging. The majority of the exercises in this database are bodyweight related using no or minimal equipment. I guarantee you’ll feel it!

Its easy to challenge the body by standing on one leg. This will start improving our balance and the way the central nervous system responds to daily events.

I think it’s a good idea to keep our training as close to improving the way we move in our every day lives as possible.

Use the body, dumbells, kettle bells, bosu and stability balls, a TRX, slide pads, medicine balls and bands that make the body stabilise itself while you train not machines that lock you into a certain position allowing you to work only one muscle group.

I find cables in a gym great but normally find there just aren’t enough of them. People are always queueing for cables. I like cables because they don’t restrict movement, they allow movement in every angle and every direction whilst creating a resistance.

If I’m looking at a 15-20 body blast workout I want as much bang for my buck as possible. I’ll try and get everything involved. I want to do something that involves pushing, something that involves pulling, something that uses the legs and something for the core (if I haven’t included that in the above three) and having most of these exercises challenge the heart and lungs.

So, with the above in mind please check out the database of exercises outlined to give you a few ideas. They are split into different sections to make them easier to look through.

There is also a section with more gym based exercises. At the end of the day if the hotel you are staying in offers a great facility you may as well use it.



What do we do in Formula One?
To a certain degree it depends what facilities we have where we are. If the hotel has a pool we would use this. Driving an F1 car creates a lot of compression related stress on the spine and swimming (so long as you remember to breath to both sides) will help unwind the spine through rotation.

I always carry a TRX with me. I use a combination of different exercise equipment with me [see video – what’s in my trainer bag]



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