Australian Grand Prix

The First Race

So it’s finally the first race of the season! It’s always exciting in the fact that we’ve finished winter testing and everyone has a rough idea whether or not we are looking competitive but until the first qualifying session of the first race we never really know for sure. Even then Australia can sometimes throw up some confusing results. In 1997 DC won the Australian race with Mika third. At the next race in Brazil we qualified 13th and 15th so it normally takes until the end of the first proper track based race to see exactly where we are.

Over the season my online articles will look at Formula One and how it relates to business travellers so whilst giving a glimpse at my life in F1 I also want to highlight that in F1 we are business travellers and what we have to overcome and cope with are the same challenges all business travellers face.

Race 1, 3rd place! I’ll take that, here is a quick overview of the race weekend….

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  1. Hello Mr. Arnall!
    My name is Krasimir Rusev, I am physioterapist from Burgas, Bulgaria. Your posts are very, very interesting for me. But please tell me more about Kimi’s training routine, your recovery plan for him etc.
    Best regards!

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