Hi, I’m Mark.

I was born in England, back in 1972. I grew up in Farnham, Surrey with my parents and younger brother. My family in the UK have always been important to me and I try to go and visit them as often as possible.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a sprinter, but instead of running fast I ended up working with fast cars. Sport has always been a big part of my life. As a child, I was an active kid and played everything from football to badminton and hockey to rugby so it’s no wonder I found myself working in the world of sport.

"I can honestly say I’ve loved every job I’ve had"


My first job was in the Sports Department at the University of Surrey. From Sports Assistant I progressed to Gym Manager and eventually set up my own sports injuries clinic. For a bit of variety I used to teach skiing and climbing on the side and this by coincidence led to a career diversion into the world of F1 when a person from McLaren came in for a climbing lesson. He was setting up a human performance lab and was looking for a therapist for their drivers. I worked with David Coulthard (DC) at the factory in Woking and with Mika Häkkinen whilst he was on a trip to London. After that I went out to Australia to the first race of the season. DC won and Mika was third and the rest as they say is history.


I love being in the mountains whether skiing down them, climbing up them or hiking in them. I’m an active guy and I think a healthy body creates a healthy mind. I can often be found in the gym, although any space whether a hotel room or a park can be a gym. I’m a fan of reading books and I love movies. I like to be in the kitchen, often experimenting with healthy options, whilst enjoying my red wine, preferably pinot noir!

"I love to cook! I do not believe in diets..."


My first real taste of foreign travel was on ski trips and I was instantly hooked, not just on skiing but also on realising there was a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. I have always enjoyed travelling and this became a definite advantage when I started working in F1. Even after 20 years of life on the road, I still think travelling is one of the most appealing parts of my job.

As a contrast to the fast-paced life of travels in F1, I love being in the mountains. For me they offer a great sense of escapism. But I also love cities. I think London is the best city in the world with its unique vibe, but I also enjoy cities like Singapore, Tokyo and Dubai.


The travel in F1 has led into another passion of mine – hotels. With over 200 annual nights on the road, hotels have literally become a second home. Over the past 8 years I’ve gained a new perspective on hotels as I’ve had the chance to work as a consultant on projects in the Middle East and Asia helping hotel owners and operators design their fitness concepts. I have come to realise that hotels are a bit like F1. There is a joke that goes “how do you become a millionaire? Start off as a billionaire and buy an F1 team”. This can also be true in the hotel world.


I share my life with Tea who travels to the majority of the races with me which is great as we are able to have a life together whilst also being able to do the jobs we both love. Most of our life is spent on the road but when at home, I love to cook! I do not believe in diets, have never counted a calorie in my life and believe that if you eat well 80% of the time and train properly, you can enjoy the other 20% of your life.


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