Relationships in F1

The other side of the coin

In this video we’re going to take a look at something a bit different – relationships in F1, the other side of the coin. Unless you work in F1 you probably wouldn’t realise these issues existed.

French Grand Prix

Circuit Paul Ricard

It’s been a long time since we were heading to France for a GP. To be honest I’m not sure what to expect from the set up from a race point of view. We have tested in Paul Ricard many times over the years but obviously never raced there. It will be interesting to see …

Canadian Grand Prix

The track is on an island previously used to host the Olympics of 1978

I would put Montreal in my top five races of the year! The city has a great vibe, loves F1, in part because of the history of Gilles Villeneuve and because of his son Jacque (who won the World Championship in the same year I started work in F1) The final race of the 1997 …

Monaco Grand Prix

It’s the glitz and glamor race of the F1 calendar, the place people want to be and be seen (most of the time).

Out of all the races on the F1 calendar few capture the imagination like Monaco. From the sheer history of the race to the fact Robbie Williams based one of his songs on it to the fact many people have been caught on camera being there when they were “supposed” to be somewhere else. It’s …

Spanish Grand Prix

Barcelona is a vibrant, happening city. It has a real buzz it that can become quite infectious!

Welcome to Espanyol! Back to Europe and already Australia seems a distant memory! After this race nearly 25% of the season will be over… Spain is a popular race and is one of my favourites in Europe. I think this goes back to the fact you have a good race with a great city. Barcelona …

Baku Grand Prix

How an f1 car travelling at speed is going to make it through some of the gaps? (and quite often as we saw last year they don’t)

This year will be our third in Baku. It’s not often we go somewhere new to race but it’s always nice to visit somewhere different. I tend to make sure I’m at any new event at least a day before Kimi just so I understand the place, hotel, distance and way to the track etc. …

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