Bahrain Grand Prix

Stop 2!

The F1 circus is heading to Bahrain. Like most races the team will arrive before us to set everything up and for everyone involved in F1 a double header with Bahrain and China is always tough. It’s a very quick turnaround on Sunday night after the race to get everything packed and shipped to China. …

What is interesting when managing hydration with athletes is their perception. In hotter climates an athlete is very aware of the need to stay hydrated. Consequently, they focus on it. By contrast in cooler climates they don’t think dehydration will be so much of an issue, therefore it’s not a focus and dehydration can actually be worse.

Australian Grand Prix

The First Race

So it’s finally the first race of the season! It’s always exciting in the fact that we’ve finished winter testing and everyone has a rough idea whether or not we are looking competitive but until the first qualifying session of the first race we never really know for sure. Even then Australia can sometimes throw …

Winter Testing

2018 F1 Season here we come!

Winter testing is over and the 2018 F1 season is about to begin! Great winter preparation, exciting times to come! See you in Australia!

Back in the Driving Seat

Barcelona Testing

The first test of the year is always a bit of a wake up call after a winter away from the track. The car is new and comes with all the challenges of any brand new piece of high tech kit but thankfully I don’t really have to worry about any of that (other than …

Mark Arnall

Training Formula One Drivers

Mario Murth has turned a hobby into something special with the interviews he’s made with members of the F1 community. After a few years of trying to arrange a time to meet Mario I finally had a chance to sit down with him in London in 2015. The following link will take you to that …

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