Ever wondered the real reason people tend to get sick on planes?

Curious how F1 drivers make sure they arrive in the best shape possible to each event following an intense global travel itinerary?

Do you know why it’s best to avoid plane food if you can?
Some of the reasons are obvious, others might help you massively reduce your jet lag!

Does drinking water on the planes really help?
The other drink you should also consider!

Easiest way to crash your own immune system on the plane and increase the chance of landing with a blocked nose and sore throat!

Never carry this type of bag unless you want neck or back ache.


“Every athlete or business traveller taking long haul flights should read this guide. It will open your eyes and also make sure they close at the right time in your destination”
Steve Robertson, Manager of Kimi Räikkönen


“I have followed and used the programme laid out in this guide and have been amazed how much better I feel when landing. I never realised the plane you fly on would make such a big difference”
Kevin Scott, Former British Badminton Team Member and Asset Manager for Jupiter Asset Management


“Travelling is miserable when you feel sick! We do all we can to prevent the chances of picking up bugs getting to and from races. Read this guide to find out what Mark has set up for me, it works!”
Kimi Räikkönen, F1 Driver

“In all my years of travelling I have looked at as many ways as possible to reduce the associated effects of jet lag and eliminate the chances of getting sick before reaching my destination. But more importantly the drivers I work with have had to arrive 16 -21 times a year in the best shape possible to compete at the highest level of motorsport.

As technology has improved so have the planes we fly in. We now have more knowledge and more tools at our disposal to combat the symptoms that plague the business traveller. This guide was designed to address every aspect of international long haul travel and make sure each individual has the information available to both understand what causes the problems associated with jet lag and have a complete plan to arrive in the best shape possible.

Jackie Stewart once said it took him two weeks to get to Australia by boat when he raced… Jet lag didn’t exist then because they couldn’t get there quick enough to feel it!

No two people are the same. We each respond differently to foods, exercise and some struggle more than others when it comes to travel related issues. This guide will give you the information you need to create the basis of your own programme, to find what works for you. Alternatively you can just follow what I have designed and use for both myself and an F1 World Champion.

Enjoy the read and let me know how it works for you!”




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