To do well in F1 you sometimes need a bit of good luck. I have had it because I have been working for so many years with Mark. For me he is by far the best at his profession in the F1 paddock. Not only is he a trainer but he is also a therapist so he can make sure I’m fit enough and at the same time keep me in one piece!

Mark has worked as my trainer for 16 years and is also a great friend of mine, inside and outside the paddock. F1 drivers need to be in great shape both physically and mentally to do what we do. Mark makes sure all I have to do is drive the car, he takes care of everything else so I don’t have to.

F1 is a global sport, we have to peak every two weeks to perform at our best. Mark prepares all the programmes to make sure I stay healthy, recover quickly after each event and ensure the travel itinerary is as well planned as possible to reduce the effects of all travel related stress. He goes into great detail to make sure I get the best of everything and doesn't leave anything to chance.

In Abu Dhabi F1 race 2012, I said to the team “leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”. I couldn't say this to Mark. His extensive knowledge of everything fitness and travel related has played a major part in making me a World Champion. I can highly recommend anyone to follow his advice on physical and mental preparation. He really knows what he is doing! Kimi “Iceman” Räikkönen Formula One Driver
I worked with Mark Arnall at the peak of my Formula 1 career whilst driving for Mclaren Mercedes. The key word in my last sentence was “peak” as I was only able to fully realise my potential by recognising that no matter how talented we think we are, there are always areas that can be improved. Mark was able to take me mentally and physically to my peak, whilst realising one of the key skills of racing driving is the ability to make decisions whilst under the utmost physical and mental stress. Think about driving the streets of Monte Carlo at 180 mph, in the rain with limited visibility, centimetres from the car in front and millimetres from the barrier, and you might understand how important his role was.

Mark prepared me in a way that allowed me to effectively do a multi-year world tour across several time zones from North and South America throughout Europe and Asia. At all times with his planning, training and therapy, I was able to peak when it mattered most. His friendly, relaxed style immediately allows people to open up, enabling him to find the best program for each individual rather than a “one shoe fits all” approach.

Even many years after retirement from professional sport, Mark remains a trusted friend. The fact that he remains working at the highest level of motorsport with Ferrari confirms his ability to adapt to change and continue to push the boundaries in sports science. David Coulthard Former Formula One driver and TV Pundit
I met Mark through Ferrari and was always interested on his take on health and fitness given that I am a big fan of motor racing and Kimi Räikkönen. I had picked Mark’s brains in the past on exercise and when we were approaching a year long tour with The Cure, it made sense for me to get some proper advice from him. I knew it was going to be very tough physically and mentally with all of the travelling. Playing 3 hour shows every night, I wanted to be in the best shape I could be.

Mark was so helpful in sharing his tips on how to train, especially when there's not necessarily great facilities around. His advice to combat jet lag, get serious about nutrition and building up my immune system, got me through some pretty intense periods and helped me stay healthy. I can't recommend Mark enough. His approach is really solid and full of usable things that you can easily get your head around and stick to. Roger O’Donnell The Cure
As an athlete playing rugby at an international level, the importance of staying healthy and injury free was paramount. Having strategies in place that gave me the knowledge of how to treat myself whist travelling was vital. Just as important was staying healthy as I couldn't afford to get sick with a demanding travel schedule playing for club and country. It’s all about having that competitive advantage in anything you do in life.

Mark's programmes helped ensure all bases were covered and I wouldn't hesitate recommending his strategies to any athlete or business traveller who wants to stay on top of his or her game in business or sport. Dan Luger MBE Former England, RWC 2003 winner and British Lions Rugby player
Competing at a top international or Olympic level as an athlete involves a lot of travel and preparation. Working afterwards for Jupiter Asset Management in a senior position in the financial world, made me realise that to perform consistently at the top level in business, requires the same approach to travel and preparation.

I have spent many years flying around the world for business and I can genuinely say that what Mark has put together for F1 drivers is fully transportable and is an absolute must for today's business traveller. It gives you the best chance to arrive for business in the best shape possible regardless of travel time. Kevin Scott, British Olympic squad member Head of UK Europe and Middle East for Jupiter Asset Management
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