Plane food, hotel buffets, airline lounges, huge client dinners, late night drinks…

… it’s no wonder most people think it’s practically impossible to eat in a healthy way whilst travelling but I’m here to show you that you can!



Personally, I don’t believe in diets or starving yourself of all the food you love. Instead there are simple strategies that can be adopted that allow you to eat in a better way – including how to order “healthier” alcoholic drinks! Follow the videos and articles on what we do in F1 with nutrition and see how you can adjust and tweak what you eat to make healthier choices.



What do we do in F1 with regards to nutrition?

When it comes to supplements people tend to forget that the human body is much better at extracting nutrients from real food than something man made. Therefore the first thing we need to find is a baseline.

To achieve this we use detailed blood and urine analysis to find out what macro and micro nutrients, minerals, electrolytes and various stress markers are present in the body and create a nutritional plan from the results. From this baseline we look at which real foods can be introduced into the diet to bring certain nutrients into the correct range.

If supplementation is needed, we know exactly what is required which makes the process both targeted and accurate. Every 6 months we re-test to make sure any supplementation is working.

Ensuring everything is in the correct range has a huge impact on how the body works from the immune system to metabolism, mood and sleep which is all vital given the amount we travel.

Like most sports, we are governed by strict anti-doping regulations from the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). It is my job to make sure any supplements Kimi uses are safe and legal to take.


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