Many people suffer from aches and pains, especially while travelling. 

What most people don’t realise is that there are lots of ways to “self help” yourself out of that pain and tension.

As a therapist my hands are my most valuable commodity but there are also a number of “specialist tools” I carry with me. Some of the more simple tools, such as massage balls, take up very little space and can be used by anyone to get rid of those niggley aches and pains. I have shown many F1 team members how to get rid of a stiff neck or ease off their lower back, just by “self help” techniques. Many of the mechanics and engineers say this has really changed their lives and are forever grateful!


Check out what therapy tools I carry with me to all the F1 races to work on Kimi and find out which tools could be useful to you on your next business trip.

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