what is the purpose of this website?

My job is training F1 World Champions. How can that help improve the lives of business travellers? 

When I look at what we do in F1 we are the ultimate business travellers. I look around at my fellow travellers in airports and see people struggling with back ache, neck ache and jet lag to name a few. I have often asked myself what’s the difference between a business traveller and an F1 driver in terms of the condition in which they need to arrive? Both have to perform, be sharp, well rested and alert to do their job to the best of their ability. It doesn’t matter if you’re an F1 driver or an executive flying somewhere to close a deal, if you are sick or completely out of whack with the local time zone you’re not going to deliver your best performance.

I’ve had many business travellers ask me how to stay in shape while they travel. Many are worried about their deteriorating health, about the amount of weight that piles on over time, drinking and eating in an unhealthy way, getting aches and pains, being easily prone to picking up bugs and generally feeling run down and exhausted in a never ending downward spiral. That’s why I want to share with you what I do in F1 to help you as a business traveller to stay in the best shape possible.

I will cover topics related to maintaining your training whilst travelling, suggestions for better food choices as well as ways to boost the immune system. The website aims to give you the why whilst finding out what works for you.

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